Friday, August 19, 2011


First off I want to thank you guys for your support in my shift of bloggery and moving away. I'm settling in pretty well now.

It's been a crazy week I'll tell you that. First thing I did was call in AT&T to try to get my internet situation sorted out. I chose the 12Mbps because the 18Mbps came with a $144 installation fee AND my activation date would be the 30th. I thought all of that was ridiculous since at home, Comcast charged nothing and service was the NEXT day! Sadly I could do nothing about it because this area is AT&T exclusive.

Well either way, I got that sorted out by persistently calling in everyday for a bump in activation, and it happened today =).

A lot of good things happened today. I got my internet activated, my monitors that I ordered from Woot! came in, my Financial Aid check came to me, but most importantly, I'M BACK!

Here's my current computer set-up that I've been dying to do for the longest time. Multiple monitors:

Messy I know, but the desk is small. I had a dual monitor set-up in mind, but my mom bought the desk and she didn't know about it lol. My laptop there is playing host to a lot of wires too. Kinda like a Frankenstein hehe.


  1. You said it, messy, but it's a nice battlestation :P

  2. Multiple monitors.... Damn, I've wanted that for so long, you depress me :(

  3. Nice battlestation. :D

  4. I gotta get on the dual monitor thing. Eventually I'll have a 3x3 matrix of monitors suspended from the ceiling and all will be right with the world.


  5. like this blog post .. love this blog, follow me and i will follow your blog ...