Friday, July 15, 2011

An Anime Review

I can't really think of any games right now so I decided to do some animes. BTW SPOILERS!!

Fullmetal Alchemist - 52 Episodes
5 years ago I saw the first FMA. It was good, but the story seemed so lackluster in the end, it was all a mish-mash to me. The finale wasn't satisfying either. I hated it so much T__T, but I still decided to download it and keep it.

Probably my favorite scene, which was in the end where Ed does his...sorrowed transmutation.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - 64 Episodes
Now, Fullmetal Alchemist:Brotherhood was released in 2009 which followed the original manga storyline. This was way more badass. I saw the whole series on a binge while I was in Austin. The characters had more depth, the storyline was fantastic, and the end was extremely satisfying. It instantly captivated me and now I revere it as the best anime I've seen.

Favorite scene where Ed's arm is finally and inevitably returned and he proceeds to beat the shit out of the main antagonist.

Gundam Wing - 49 Episodes
Gundam Wing was awesome. Giant mechs beating the shits out of each other is every geek's wet dream. The story was fantastic with many twists and turns while the cast of characters were in-depth and varied enough to make compelling story. Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz was a nice finisher to tie up the series too, unlike the other anime-related movies.

Favorite scene from the movie, when Hiro uses Wing Zero Custom to blow the shit out of the impregnable fortress. 100% accuracy Twin Buster Cannon ftw?

Death Note -  37 Episodes
Easily one of the best animes. Mystery/Thriller. Everytime I watch this it makes me feel like a dumbass because the characters are so smart. Although you know who did what and such, there is no clear protagonist/antagonist. I believe it was more of a well-iterated social commentary, but nonetheless perfectly written with ingenious logic.

Eh, can't really say there are favorite scenes since I enjoyed the anime on a more platonic level rather than appearance.

Hellsing - 13 Episodes
Probably the worst piece of shits ever. It started off fine, as it followed the manga, but like the original FMA, it deviated towards its own storyline since it was ahead of the manga. The ending was dumb, and everything inbetween made the otaku nerd inside me cry. The best thing was probably the characters. I liked the idea of an all-powerful character. Although every fight he's in is completely one-sided it was ok to watch.

The man's man, Alucard (Dracula backwards if you didn't notice). He's a complete badass that'll never die and works for the Protestant church to hunt vampires (ironically).

Hellsing OVA - Ongoing
Now, like how FMA got a make-over, this shit did too, and I got to say I'm pleased. This anime is so gory that it makes me jizz blood. Every scene is bloodier than a girl on a her period, and the way they draw body parts being ripped, shot, eaten, and mutilated is done so well. The story is ok, but I watch it mainly for the gore factor.
As I said, this anime was very aesthetically pleasing, and so there are so many favorite scenes.

 How many anime's have badass chicks that wield AA cannons on their back x)?


All this was from 1 fight. Dyke pisses off vampire chick...and things got hairy, best fight evuur.

Alucard was here
 Right down the middle like a hot knife through butter.


This is a real vampire. Not that pussy Edward.
 His face fell off.
Impaled via Rifle
There's still more Hellsing to come and I hope it gets bloodier.
I don't know what anime I'll tackle next. There's just so many good ones and wahtever I watch I HAVE to download to have, so it does take a bit of effort to start watching. I'll probably start with Flame of Recca now since I have most of it downloaded. Tsubasa Chronicles, Chrono Crusade, Code Geass, Bleach, and the rest of that long ass Naruto are all on my list, so I guess I got the rest of summer planned out eh =D?


  1. I used to LOVE Fullmetal alchemist.

  2. Never watched it, but a friend of mine told me it is actually good.

  3. I haven't watched the Brotherhood series, but I really like the original one!

  4. Very very thorough post!!! I enjoyed looking through the pictures too!

  5. I remember FMA used to be my best friends favorite anime. He was so upset that I never watched it but maybe I should now ;)

  6. Looks like I need to pop some corn and have a FMA marathon, myself. Rich and enjoyable post!

  7. YES YES YES! Thank you! I was going to hit some forums, but I think I will take your advise!

  8. I've never heard of this. I like the pictures though!

  9. I fucking love Hellsing! All the OVAS and episodes... shit! gotta watch again!

  10. Hellsing is amazing. The blood, the violence :D
    FMA is a bit more difficult to get into for me. I used to be a HUGE fan but for some reason got out of it. Anime to me is all the same after a while: talk talk talk talk 10secondfightscene talk talk talk. They even talk about what theyre going to fight about, it's ridiculous. Death Note is the only one on this list I couldn't stand. I watched all the episodes, and every "climax" was someone dying. The deaths were all predictable. And the finale....what a disappointment.

    Good reviews though. I'm liking it.

  11. Full Metal Alchemist was a total mindfuck back in the day. that and i still have a VHS tape of Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz. that movie was a work of art

  12. Man I've always been an anime fan!

  13. Oh by the way there is a lot of anime on Netflix, it's totally awesome for anime.

  14. Yeah I keep hearing bad things about the Helsing anime, thats why I never watch more than one episode of it. Dont want it to ruin my love for the manga

  15. ^ Definitely watch the OVA over the anime. OVA follows manga.